Kristen Miller - Cello. Folk. Rock. Alchemy.


“Kristen Miller one of those rare string players who is imbued with the technique of a classical master combined with a rock and roll imagination. She really pushes the boundaries of what most of us think the cello can do; in Kristen's hands it can play anything.”
Ken Bonfield, American Five-fingerstyle guitarist

Cellist Kristen Miller is a one-woman ensemble. She connects her antique cello to a live digital recorder to stack layers of lush cello, spoken word and ardent singing. With a voice like Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and a layered cello sound like Zoe Keating, Kristen has created a style that Billboard writer Bobby Borg calls "romantically, hauntingly, charmingly, brilliant."

As a solo artist, Kristen has released three CD’s, all of which charted on college and community radio nationwide, with Later That Day (2003) spending a year at the top of AOL/Netscape’s New Acoustic Chart. Walk (2010) was listed on Metronome's Top 20 of 2010, and was a Spotlight Top 10 Pick. In December 2010, she released her first holiday CD with Tom Eaton, Winter Loves Company (2010). In addition, Kristen collaborates with members of Exit Dance Theater, as well as Billbob Brown of Chaos Dance Theory. Kristen is the recipient of several awards and scholarships, including Jam Magazine’s Female Artist of the Year 2004, and the Zara Nelsova Cellist Award for excellence in performance.

Kristen’s live scores to three of Maya Deren’s silent films were named in the top 10 live shows of 2010 in the Noise Boston: “Miller's Deren scores prove there is nothing she cannot master and then tantalize us with.”

In addition to solo performing and film scoring, Kristen also enjoys work as a session cellist. She has appeared on records for artists as diverse and varied as Vance Gilbert, Assembly of Dust, Lori Diamond, and Grammy Award winner Irma Thomas

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