Kristen Miller - Cello. Folk. Rock. Alchemy.


Kristen pushes the boundaries of cello playing by combining her cello with live looping technology, effects, and various percussion accessories to provide exciting live accompaniment to silent films.

Her current project, Maya Deren Live!, presents three silent films by 1940's avant-garde pioneer Maya Deren, all accompanied live by Kristen's original scores. Kristen's performance of Maya Deren Live! was listed in the top 10 live shows of 2010 in The Noise.


“...lovely, occasionally surprising, and totally in sync with the mood of the film... easy to listen to, but stretched the boundaries.”
Ken Winokur of Alloy Orchestra
“Miller is a master of her instrument, knows how to get what she wants from it, musically and emotionally.”
Jam Magazine
“Miller's Deren scores prove there is nothing she cannot master and then tantalize us with.”
The Noise

To book a performance of Maya Deren Live! or Kristen's new film project which is currently in development, please contact us at bookings at kristen miller music dot com