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“Miller is a master of her instrument, knows how to get what she wants from it, musically and emotionally.”
William A. Huffman
Jam Magazine

“If I had really known who and what I had playing and arranging cello on my album, I'd have been in intimidated awe, told everyone about her and worked her to death singing.

“I can now only lay claim to the first two
of these.”

Vance Gilbert

“Inventive, brave, moody, intensely musical - please make space in your brain for Kristen Miller's redefinition of what someone does when they sit with a cello at their knees.”
Vance Gilbert

“...obvious quicksilver intelligence of ensemble and arranging. Thanks to Ms. Miller for putting this together.”
Catherine M. Gollery
Senior Music Director
AOL Entertainment

“Kristen is more than your average classical player. Not only does she have the technique and intonation of a first chair cellist, she also has the intuition and the ear of a jazz musician. She's the kind of player you can let loose on a track. With little direction, she played some of the most beautifully articulated lines on par with any professional recording. In addition, she was able to turn right around and play noise. She created sounds that sounded like she was channeling Jimi Hendrix himself and it was all done with utmost taste and sensitivity to the song. “I highly recommend her. She can arrange her own parts, it was clear that she spent time on the tunes prior to coming in, and she was also completely willing to experiment on a moment's notice.”
Mike Null

“By successfully merging the chops of Shostakovich with the spunk of Ani DiFranco, Kristen has produced a dark, beautiful, adventurous debut. Original, innovative, and captivating, its a promising and seductive start from a truly genuine talent.”
Jamie Perkins
The Seacoast Spotlight
Portsmouth, NH

“To get a grip on Miller's music, try to imagine a musical conference call between, say, Bela Bartok and Brian Eno, or Mstislav Rostropovich and Jimmy Page... cranking it out with a rock-n-roll attitude.”
J.C. Lockwood
Newburyport Current
Newburyport, MA

“Singer/songwriter/cellist Kristen Miller's music will move you in more ways than one! On Miller's debut CD, Later That Day, elements of world music, phrase-sampled riffs & spoken word are woven together with fresh, soulful cello timbres, impeccably played and produced, but still raw enough that the essential earthiness that Miller's music is about shines through unfettered.”
Corbin Keep
The WildCellist
Vancouver, B.C.

“Forget all your preconceived notions about the cello. Kristen Miller proves the cello has a funky side, too.”
Sonya Vartabedian
The Newburyport News
Newburyport, MA

“Kristen Miller's Later That Day is romantically, hauntingly, charmingly brilliant.”
Bobby Borg
Billboard Author
Los Angeles, CA