Kristen Miller - Cello. Folk. Rock. Alchemy.


Upcoming Shows:

Kristen Miller Solo Concert
in the gardens of Hamilton House
40 Vaughn's Lane
South Berwick, ME

Sunday July 5, 5:00 -6:30
Rain Date: Wednesday July 8, 5:00 - 6:30

Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance:

kristen with cello
photo: Bluelime Photography

Critical Acclaim for Kristen Miller's Music

“She's one of those rare string players who is imbued with the technique of a classical master combined with a rock and roll imagination. She really pushes the boundaries of what most of us think the cello can do; in Kristen's hands it can play anything.”
Ken Bonfield, American Five-fingerstyle guitarist
“A cover of the Eurythmics tune, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) has a far more moody sound to it than the original and what a positive improvement on Lennox's efforts this is.”
Maverick Magazine, Kent, UK
“Walk is a refreshingly creative and original body of work. No one has ever released anything like this before.”
Metronome Magazine
“... there is nothing she takes on that she cannot master and then tantalize us with.”
R. Newton, The Noise
“Miller is a master of her instrument, knows how to get what she wants from it, musically and emotionally.”
William A. Huffman, Jam Magazine
“If I had really known who and what I had playing and arranging cello on my album, I'd have been in intimidated awe, told everyone about her and worked her to death singing.

“I can now only lay claim to the first two of these.

“Inventive, brave, moody, intensely musical - please make space in your brain for Kristen Miller's redefinition of what someone does when they sit with a cello at their knees.”

Vance Gilbert, Singer/Songwriter